Roots (Country, Folk, Americana)

Sharon Van Etten - Various Artists

Van Etten, Sharon - I Dont Want To Let You Down EP Artist Sharon Van Etten
Title I Don't Want To Let You Down EP
Label Jagjaguwar
Jagjaguwar release a five track EP of non album songs in conjunction with her upcoming landmark Glastonbury performance.

Van Etten and a sterling crew of collaborators offer documents of surrender and disappointment, admission and longing. The gorgeous ‘Just Like Blood’ manages to capture all four facets in less than five minutes.

Produced by Van Etten and Stewart Lerman, who also helmed ‘Are We There’, these songs are as sophisticated and evolved as anything Van Etten has ever done.
+ Format: CD
Price: £6.99

+ Format: 12
Price: £10.99

Van Zandt, Townes - Sunshine Boy: Unheard Studio Sessions & Demos Artist Townes Van Zandt
Title Sunshine Boy: Unheard Studio Sessions & Demos
In 1972 Townes Van Zandt released two albums commenly regarded as his masterpieces – “High, Low and In Between” and The Late Great Townes Van Zandt”.

Disc One of this 2CD set features outtakes and alternate versions from these albums, while disc two contains rough demos recorded prior to entering the studio.

MOJO ***** (five) “Holy Grail stuff”
Uncut 10/10 “about as good as anything in this world gets”

[See more info for full track list]
+ Format: 2CD
Price: £17.99

Various - Bluegrass Bonanza 4CD Artist Various
Title Bluegrass Bonanza 4CD
Label Proper
+ Format: Proper 4CD
Price: £12.99

Various - Bob Harris Presents Americana Artist Various
Title Bob Harris Presents Americana
Label Proper
Featuring the best new Americana from the likes of Todd Snider, Patty Griffin, Sarah Harmer and Alison Krauss.
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.49

Various - Fargo Collection Ete 2006 2CD Artist Various
Title Fargo Collection Ete 2006 2CD
Label Fargo

Yup, yet another cheap label sampler, this time from the Fargo stable, two CDs of what they’re best at, ft. Clem Snide, Neal Casal, Beulah, Great Lake Swimmers & Andrew Bird amongst others.

+ Format: CD
Price: £3.99

Various - Folk Awards 2007 3CD Artist Various
Title Folk Awards 2007 3CD
Label Proper
For the third year running ’Folk Awards 2007’ showcases all the nominees for The BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. Includes a live bonus disc of the Young Folk Awards.
+ Format: 3CD
Price: £8.99

Various - Folk Off 2CD Artist Various
Title Folk Off 2CD
Label Sunday Best

2CDs of music, this is the Sunday Best label’s summing up of the best in contemporary folk music, though it’s definitely broader than that, what with appearances from Jakokoyak, Animal Collective and the Acid Casuals, as well as the more guitar-based songs from Clayhill, Marissa Nadler and Vashti Bunyan. CD1 is UK artists and CD2 is US artists. See review for full tracklisting.

+ Format: CD
Price: £10.99

Various - Meet On The Ledge - An Island Records Folk-Rock Anthology Artist Various
Title Meet On The Ledge - An Island Records Folk-Rock Anthology
Label Island
+ Format: CD
Price: £15.99

Various - The Empire Strikes Back Artist Various
Title The Empire Strikes Back
Label Glitterhouse
Amazingly good value compilation on the Glitterhouse label, 2CDs featuring Michael J Sheehy, Willard Grant and and Pere Ubu.
+ Format: 2CD
Price: £5.99

Various - The Music Of Wales - Folk Collection Artist Various
Title The Music Of Wales - Folk Collection
Label Sain
+ Format: CD
Price: £12.99

Various - The Pilgrim: A Celebration of Kris Kristofferon Artist Various
Title The Pilgrim: A Celebration of Kris Kristofferon
Label American Roots Publishing
See reviews for full track info - this is a tribute to Kris Kristofferson, ft. Willie Nelson, Rosanne Cash & a spoken word intro by the man himself.
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Various - You Done Me Wrong Artist Various
Title You Done Me Wrong
Label Buzzola
VintageCountry Cheating Songs 1929 - 1952 on the Buzzola label. Digipak CD, remastered songs and full-colour booklet.
+ Format: CD
Price: £6.99

Various / Rainer Ptacek - Inner Flame Artist Various Artists / Rainer Ptacek
Title The Inner Flame
Label Fire
Lucinda Williams, Grandaddy, Howe Gelb, Evan Dando (and more) play tribute to Rainer Ptacek, the phenomenal and much beloved slide guitarist from Tucson, Arizona, who originated Giant Sand’s sound from the band’s inception, as well as creating many remarkable recordings as a solo artist and with his own band, Das Combo, before succumbing to brain cancer on November 12 1997.
Near the end, during his final interview, when asked the impossible question of what he thinks we are all doing here in this life, Rainer answered without hesitation: "to love away the pain".. If you don’t find that touching then this isn’t the music for you.

See more Info for full track list.
+ Format: Calendar
Price: £10.99

+ Format: 2LP
Price: £17.99

Various Artists  - Constant Sorrow Artist Various Artists
Title Constant Sorrow
Label Fantatstic Voyage
This release continues Fantastic Voyage s survey of the sounds which shaped country and rock music. Companion set to Bluegrass Big Three, which focused on Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys, Flatt and Scruggs and Reno & Smiley. As well as further tracks by Bill Monroe, Constant Sorrow highlights other notable bluegrass artists like The Stanley Brothers and traces the genres roots in old-timey music. Comes in and attractive three-fold digipack housing illustrated, annotated booklet.

See ’More Info’ for the full low down on this release.
+ Format: 3CD
Price: £9.99

Various Artists -  Folk Is Not not a Four Letter Word Volume 2 Artist Various
Title Folk is Not a Four Letter Word Vol 2
Label Finders Keepers
Second compilation from Andy Votel, man he has a good record collection!
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Various Artists - Bandera Rockabilly and Country Roots Artist Various Artists
Title Bandera Rockabilly and Country Roots
Label Bandera
+ Format: CD
Price: £11.99

Various Artists - Constant Sorrow (3CD) Artist Various Artists
Title Constant Sorrow - Bluegrass From Root To Flower (3CDm set)
Label Fantastic Voyage

Charmingly known as “Old Time Music” or just “Old Timey”, the hillbilly precursor of bluegrass did indeed have a long history stretching back across the Atlantic to the pre-record folk music of Britain and Victorian parlour songs. As a direct result of the enormous growth of the recording industry in America in the 1920s and 1930s, many rural markets were exploited by the early phonograph companies. It was out of this music that bluegrass evolved.

Brother acts were immensely important among the roots of bluegrass. Living, playing and singing together day after day produced recordings that feature the most intricate musical interplay and vocal harmonies ever heard. A notable brother act was The Monroes. Charlie and Bill would ultimately form their own groups, with Bill being acknowledged as the father of bluegrass for his recordings with The Blue Grass Boys.

The Stanley Brothers (Ralph and Carter) formed their Clinch Mountain Boys in 1946 in emulation of Monroe’s new Blue Grass Boys. The brothers’ legacy has been acknowledged by Emmylou Harris, and Ralph continues to inspire at the age of 83, reaching a whole new audience through his involvement with the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack.

Other notable contributors to Constant Sorrow include Uncle Dave Macon, Mainer’s Mountaineers, The Delmore Brothers, The Carlisle Brothers, Roy Hall’s Blue Ridge Entertainers, Jimmie Skinner, The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers, Jim Eanes & The Shenandoah Valley Boys, Mac Wiseman, The McCormick Brothers, Joe Maphis and Jimmy Martin. Classic bluegrass numbers include “I’m A Man Of Constant Sorrow”, “Footprints In The Snow”, “Orange Blossom Special”, “I’ll Fly Away”, “Angel Band” and “Feudin’ Banjos”.

+ Format: 3CDsmall
Price: £9.99

Various Artists - Country Funk 1969 - 1975 Artist Various Artists
Title Country Funk 1969 - 1975
Label Ligh In The Attic
Features rare cuts by Bob Darin, Gray Fox, Dennis The Fox, Cherokee, Gritz and more.

What in the hell is country funk you ask? The answer is a complicated one, in part due to the fact that Country Funk is an inherently defiant genre, escaping all efforts at easy categorization. The style encompasses the elation of gospel with the sexual thrust of the blues, country hoedown harmony with inner city grit. It is alternately playful and melancholic, slow jammin’, and booty shakin’. It is both studio slick and barroom raw. And while these all may seem unlikely combinations at first glance, upon close listen, it all makes sweet sense.

Light In The Attic presents Country Funk 1969-1975, a melting pot concoction of the music of Dale Hawkins, John Randolph Marr, Cherokee, Johnny Adams, Mac Davis, Bob Darin, Jim Ford, Gray Fox, Link Wray, Bobby Charles, Tony Joe White, Dennis The Fox, Larry Jon Wilson, Bobbie Gentry, Gritz, and Johnny Jenkins.

See More Info for full track list
+ Format: CD
Price: £12.99

+ Format: 2LP
Price: £24.99

Various Artists - Country Funk Volume II 1967-1974 Artist Various Artists
Title Country Funk Volume II 1967-1974
Label Light In The Attic
Spillers official line : LIKE VOL 1 BUT EVEN BETTER !!

In 2012, Country Funk 1969-1975 (Volume I) gathered together songs from a genre with no name. It’s a genre created not from geography or shared ideology but a term applied retrospectively based solely on the feel of the songs: hip-swinging rhythms with bourbon on the breath. These were songs to make your cowboy boots itchy, written and performed by the likes of Bobbie Gentry, Johnny Jenkins and Link Wray. Songs that encompass the elation of gospel with the sexual thrust of the blues; country hoedown harmonies cut with inner city grit. Compiled from tracks dating from the late ‘60s to the mid ’70s, Country Funk is the sound of country music blending with sounds and scenes from coast to coast, white America’s heartland music blending with the melting pot as the nation assessed its identity in advance of its bicentennial year.

The good news for the people who fell in love with the first volume of Country Funk is this: there’s plenty more where that came from. Light In The Attic has followed up that first 16-track disc with a second volume, Country Funk Volume II 1967 – 1974, and a new set of loose-talking, lap steel-twanging tracks. On the single CD / 2xLP volume you’ll find household names like Willie Nelson, Townes Van Zandt, Kenny Rogers, Jackie DeShannon, JJ Cale, Bobby Darin and Dolly Parton. You’ll also find obscure artists like Bill Wilson, whose lost Ever Changing Minstrel album was produced by the feted Dylan producer Bob Johnston, and Thomas Jefferson Kaye, noted producer of Gene Clark’s opus No Other. Gene Clark’s here too, as half of Dillard & Clark, wringing raw emotion from The Beatles’ “Don’t Let Me Down”.

+ Format: CD
Price: £12.99

+ Format: 2LP
Price: £24.99

Various Artists - Cowboys In Scandinavia Artist Various Artists
Title Cowboys In Scandinavia
Label Fargo
 New folk sounds from Northern Europe on the Fargo label....

 1. Allelujah-Christian Kjellvander
 2. Mad Horse-The Lancaster Orchestra
 3. Twisted Cowboy-St Thomas
 4. Soul Rush-Nicolai Dunger
 5. Power Failure-Mattias Hellberg
 6. The Ghost Of Tom Joad-Junip
 7. Defrag My Heart-Britta Persson
 8. Quite Alright-Dusty Fingers
 9. Oh Lord-Kristofer Astrom
10. Watching You Steal My Pain-Christer Knutsen
11. Don’t You Worry ’Bout A Thing-Tobias Froberg
12. To Hide This Way-Johanna Berhan
13. Dreamweaver-Thomas Dybdhal
14. Browngreen Pounding Eyes-Tarantula
15. Do They Let Me Kind In There?-Mikael Herrstrom
16. Family Values-Johnossi
17. Save Your Day-Jose Gonzalez
18. Take Care-Hederos & Hellberg
19. Theme From ’The Tussler’-Motorpsycho  
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Various Artists - Even Cowgirls Get The Blues Artist Various Artists
Title Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
Label Fargo
Essential collection showcasing the cream of the crop from the female singer-songwriter / folk scene. Featuring Dawn Landes, Jesse Sykes and Oh Susanna.
+ Format: CD
Price: £7.99

Various Artists - Farewell to Ireland Artist Various Artists
Title Farewell to Ireland
Label Proper
The body of music recorded by Irish emigrants in America during the 1920s and 30s is regarded by many as the lost treasure of the golden age of traditional Irish music.Here are 80 fine examples of the legendary sessions accompanied by a 40 page fully illustrated booklet.

See additional description for full track listing.
+ Format: Proper 4CD
Price: £12.99

Various Artists - For A Decade Of Sin: 11 Years Of Bloodshot Records (2CD) Artist Various Artists
Title For A Decade Of Sin: 11 Years Of Bloodshot Records (2CD)
Label Bloodshot
This 42 song compilation, celebrating 11 years of the wonderful Bloodshot label features tracks from the usual suspects.  All the tracks are either new or previously unreleased ....AND it comes with a 24 page booklet so you can read up on all your favourite alt. country stars!

Disc One
 1. Blood Sweat & Murder-Scott H. Biram
 2. De-Railed-Sixteen Horsepower
 3. Glass Of Wine-Paul Burch & Ralph Stanley
 4. Close Your House Down-Cordero
 5. Ocean Size-Bobby Bare Jr.
 6. Behind That Locked Door-My Morning Jacket
 7. The Plan-Matt Mays & El Torpedo
 8. Little White Pills-The Meat Purveyors
 9. A Living Hell-The Bottle Rockets
10. Do You Want To Go Somewhere?-Richard Buckner 
See Reviews for full track listing.......
+ Format: CD
Price: £10.99

Various Artists - Hot Guitars - American Guitar Tracks From 1920s - 1950s Artist Various Artists
Title Hot Guitars - American Guitar Tracks From 1920s - 1950s
Label Viper
More out of copyright cuts from the collection of the late Roger Eagle. This time with guitar shredding from the 1920s to the 50s, Lonnie Johnson to BoDiddley. Nothing less than wild and sometimes pure steel craziness. I think the titles alone give you an idea of the kind of mayhem to expect from this superb collection.
+ Format: CD
Price: £8.99

Various Artists - Introducing Townes Van Zandt Via The Great Unknown Artist Townes Van Zandt/Various Artists
Title Introducing Townes Van Zandt Via The Great Unknown
Label For The Sake Of The Song
’Introducing Townes Van Zandt Via The Great Unknown’ is an album, which pretty much does what it says on the tin: It introduces one of the greatest songwriters/singers ever, via 19 artists, who though they happen to be amazing, float miles away from the mainstream.
+ Format: CD
Price: £11.99

Various Artists - Levitation: A South Wales Tribute To Jon Langford Artist Various
Title Levitation, A South Wales Tribute To Jon Langford
Jon Langford is Alt Country royalty. As well as being part of the Mekons the Newport born gent is strongly involved with the Bloodshot label. He’s had numerous side projects and collaborated with a host of talented contemporaries such as the Sadies.

This CD is an independently produced tribute to Langford with South Wales’ finest musicians giving their nod to this great talent.

See ’More Info’ for track listing.
+ Format: CD
Price: £11.00

Various Artists - Lost Highways: Amerian Road Songs 1920s - 1950s Artist Various Artists
Title Lost Highways: Amerian Road Songs 1920s - 1950s
Label Viper
Taking in Blues, Rock ’n’ Roll, Country and Soul, this is a unique album that’s been created over many miles and one you should maybe listen to whilst taking a ‘road trip’ all of your own, preferably under wide open skies - or just listen at home and let the songs fuel and colour your own imaginary journey!
+ Format: CD
Price: £8.99

Various Artists - Remembering Mountains: Unheard Songs By Karen Dalton Artist Various Artists
Title Remembering Mountains: Unheard Songs By Karen Dalton
Label Tompkins Square
Karen Dalton (1937-1993) recorded two studio albums during her lifetime, neither of which contain any songs she wrote. By the good graces of legendary guitarist Peter Walker, who oversees Karen’s Estate, we are gifted with these lost lyrics, now given voice by other great women of song.

Features: Sharon Van Etten, Patty Griffin, Diane Cluck, Julia Holter, Lucinda Williams, Marissa Nadler, Laurel Halo, Larkin Grimm, Isobel Campbell, Tara Jane O’neil and Josephine Foster.
+ Format: CD
Price: £12.99

+ Format: LP
Price: £16.99

Various Artists - The Little Red Box Of Protest So Artist Various Artists
Title The Little Red Box Of Protest Songs (3CD/1DVD)
Label Proper
3 CD set and DVD from the Proper label. Includes 32 page booklet.
+ Format: 4CD
Price: £12.99

Various Artists - The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of Artist Various Artists
Title The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
Label Shanachie

This is a treat! a double CD in a DVD-sized case of 46 super rarities - classic blues and country performances from the 20s and 30s, including 2 never heard before selections by Son House. Also has a large 20 page booklet, and, not least of all, artwork by Robert Crumb. Very special indeed.

+ Format: CD
Price: £12.49

Various Artists - To Scratch Your HeartEarly Recordings From Istanbul Artist Various Artists
Title To Scratch Your Heart Early Recordings from Istanbul
Label Honest Jons
Double disc set drawn from recordings made in Istanbul by the Gramophone Company and HMV, during the first three decades of the twentieth century, amidst the ruins of the Ottoman Empire, it crosses and mixes the folk and classical heritage of Turks, Greeks, Armenians and Gypsies, Muslims, Christians and Jews, urbanites and country people, and the demands of tradition and modernity, musical improvisation, composition and system.
+ Format: 2CD
Price: £14.99

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