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John Fahey - Fernhill

Fahey, John - Christmas Soli Artist John Fahey
Title Christmas Soli
Label Fantasy
One of the best and most influential acoustic guitarists of his generation, John Fahey’s music fused past and present, borrowing from the traditions of blues and folk music and filtering them through a modern musical viewpoint. Some of Fahey’s most striking (and most popular) work appeared on a series of Christmas albums, in which he gave seasonal tunes and hymns readings that were at once fresh, thoughtful, and respectful of the beauty of the original melodies.
Christmas Soli is a collection that brings together selections from four yuletide albums -- 1968’s The New Possibility: John Fahey’s Guitar Soli Christmas Album, 1975’s Christmas with John Fahey, Vol. 2, 1982’s Christmas Guitar, Vol. 1, and 1988’s Popular Songs of Christmas & New Year’s (the latter a collaboration with Terry Robb).
+ Format: CD
Price: £8.99

Fahey, John - Death Chants, Breakdowns And Military Waltzes Artist John Fahey
Title Death Chants, Breakdowns And Military Waltzes
Label Ace
Dating from an original 1963 limited issue of 300 copies, this second album by John Fahey is presented here in both its initial form and its 1967 re-recorded form, with the latter being at least partially prompted by his constantly improving playing. This mirrors his first album, “The Legend Of Blind Joe Death”. “Death Chants” proved to be the album that began the first real spread of his music when his friend Norman Pierce began to wholesale copies to US folk hotspots from his Berkeley record store.
+ Format: CD
Price: £12.99

Fahey, John - Live In Tasmania Artist John Fahey
Title Live In Tasmania
Label Ace
For his numerous studio recordings, particularly the solo acoustic guitar ones, the late John Fahey established an intimate rapport with the listener. Introspective, stylistically primitive yet exploratory, these solo guitar pieces possess an organic quality and a conversational tone that is almost confessional. It’s hard not to think of them as ’live’ performances because many of them were probably recorded in first or second takes.
One would imagine little difference between these recordings and John Fahey in concert. However, as "Live In Tasmania" amply demonstrates, the replacement of a producer and/or engineer by an audience often elicited from the guitar legend a much more ebullient, extrovert style of playing. Quite simply, the audience changed the nature of the recording from dialogue to performance.
Recorded at Hobart University in 1980 when Fahey was touring Australia, this was touted as the first recording by an international artist to be made in Tasmania. The enthusiasm of the audience explains that cultural hunger and Fahey responds to their attention with a sheets-of-sound style guitar performance of, at times, astonishing attack.
+ Format: CD
Price: £11.99

Fahey, John - Of Rivers And Religion/After The Ball Artist John Fahey
Title Of Rivers And Religion/After The Ball
Label WEA
This is a "2 on 1" set....2 albums on 1 disc for a bargain price!

Of Rivers And Religion
 1. Steamboat Gwine ’Round De Bend
 2. Medley: Deep River/Ol’ Man River
 3. Dixie Pig Bar B-Q Blues
 4. Texas & Pacific Blues
 5. Funeral Song For Mississippi John Hurt
 6. Medley: By The Side Of The Road/I Come, I Come
 7. Lord Have Mercy
 8. Song

After The Ball

 9. Horses
10. New Orleans Shuffle
11. Beverly
12. Om Shanthi Norris
13. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
14. When You Wore A Tulip (And I Wore A Big Red Rose)
15. Hawaiian Two-Step
16. Bucktown Stomp
17. Candy Man
18. After The Ball
+ Format: CD
Price: £8.99

Fahey, John - Railroad 1 Artist John Fahey
Title Railroad 1
Label Ace
John Fahey doing a train album was a long-awaited marriage made in heaven. Railroad 1, Fahey’s last grand statement for Takoma, is a timelessly evocative tribute to America’s mighty man-made artery. In his notes, Fahey recalls a train yard he saw in 1948, the herd of iron horses booming whistles and blowing steam leaving an indelible impression on the nine-year-old. 
Where most train albums are songs passed down through generations, Fahey wrote his own or adapted blues standards then titled them according to the initial inspiration. The album is as much introspective reflection as railway tribute, referencing characters Fahey encountered and musicians he admired, while looking at his roots, childhood and life. Fahey’s uncharacteristically direct liner notes show great knowledge of the lines and awe at the majesty of the trains and scenery. 
The album resembles a train journey, chugging or motoring through haunted valleys, dipping mountain trails or past the sun setting over endless cotton-fields. The opening Frisco Leaving Birmingham heralds a scorching departure, before Oneonta, inspired by a line the nine-year-old Fahey saw after a visit to Howes Cave.
+ Format: CD
Price: £11.99

Fahey, John - The Transfiguration Of Blind Joe Death Artist John Fahey
Title The Transfiguration Of Blind Joe Death
Label Ace
This was John Fahey’s fourth solo album and was recorded by Brian and Barry Hansen in 1965. As with its predecessors it became widely influential for other guitarists and composers including Leo Kottke, Robbie Basho and Bob Brozman, all of whose work can be found in the Ace Records catalogue. These players, and others, shared John’s ambitions for furthering the place of the solo steel-stringed guitar, and for some of them this album was seen as one of the very best. It was originally issued on the small Riverboat label and then re-issued on Takoma.
+ Format: CD
Price: £12.99

Fahey, John - The Yellow Princess Artist John Fahey
Title The Yellow Princess
Label Ace
His second, and final, album for Vanguard - regarded as his best by many fans.
Rather than deliver the commercial sounding records that Vanguard requested Fahey recorded what, in a positive review, Record Collector called "...a pleasant journey to take, rattling along with the odd surprising flourish to mark the way, a random piece of dissonance to keep you awake and, above all, a reassurance that you’re in safe hands."
The Yellow Princess is a hallmark not because it revolutionized Fahey’s sound, displayed an improved technique, or broke him to a wider audience. Rather, it was the combination of a particularly deft melodic touch... and a growing tendency to expand his sonic palette.
+ Format: CD
Price: £8.99

Fahey, John / Various Artists - Revenge Of Blind Joe Death: The John Fahey Tribute Album Artist John Fahey / Various Artists
Title Revenge Of Blind Joe Death: The John Fahey Tribute Album
Label Ace
Released 5 years after John Fahey died at the age of 61. This is an overdue accolade to a guitarist who revolutionised the instrument by exploring its roots in early 20th Century American music. Unlike many other inferior tribute albums that clog up the CD market, all of the musicians involved in this project are up to the challenge of paying a genuine homage to a musical icon of Fahey’s stature. Many of them are performers who made their own début recordings for Fahey’s Takoma label: George Winston, Peter Lang and Michael Gulezian, among them. Others come from the ranks of musical aggregations like Canned Heat, Country Joe & The Fish and Beausoleil, all bands that have reinforced and slightly skewed traditional music to their own vision in much the same way as have John Fahey’s remarkable guitar explorations. What is most noticeable in all of the performances here is how each of them is alive with John’s spirit. Each musician’s conception is totally his own but John Fahey’s legacy seems to inhabit every tune (and this is not simply because the majority are either composed by or have a close association with him).
+ Format: CD
Price: £11.99

Fairport Convention - Angel Delight Artist Fairport Convention
Title Angel Delight
Label Island
1. Lord Marlborough
2. Sir William Gower
3. Bridge Over The River Ash
4. Wizard Of The Worldly Game
5. The Journeyman’s Grace
6. Angel Delight
7. Banks Of The Sweet Primroses
8. Instrumental Medley: The Cuckoo’s Nest / Hardiman The Fiddler / Papa Stoor 9. The Bonny Black Hare
10. Sickness & Diseases
Bonus Track
11. The Journeyman’s Grace-With Richard Thompson (BBC Radio Session)
+ Format: CD
Price: £8.99

Fairport Convention - Babbacombe Lee Artist Fairport Convention
Title Babbacombe Lee
Label Island
Original LP Side 1
1. The Verdict-Read By Philip Sterling-Wall
2. Little Did I Think
3. I Was Sixteen (Part 1)
4. John My Son
5. I Was Sixteen (Part 2)
6. St Ninian’s Isle / Trumpet Hornpipe
7. Sailors Alphabet
8. John Lee
9. Newspaper Reading-Read By A. L. Lloyd
10. Breakfast In Mayfair
Original LP Side 2
11. Trial Song
12. Cell Song
13. The Time Is Near
14. Dream Song
15. Wake Up John (Hanging Song)
Bonus Tracks: Taken From The 1975 BBC TV Programme ’The Man They Couldn’t Hang’.
16. Farewell To A Poor Man’s Son-With Jerry Donahue
17. Breakfast In Mayfair-With Sandy Denny & Jerry Donahue
+ Format: CD
Price: £7.99

Fairport Convention - Full House Artist Fairport Convention
Title Full House
Label Island
1. Walk Awhile
2. Doctor Of Physick
3. Dirty Linen
4. Sloth
5. Sir Patrick Spens
6. Flatback Caper
7. Poor Will And The Jolly Hangman
8. Flowers Of The Forest
9. Now Be Thankful (Mono)
10. Sir B MacKenzie’s Daughter’s Lament For The 77th Mounted Lancers Retreat From The Straits Of Loch Knombe, In The Year Of Our Lord 1727, On The Occasion Of The Announcement Of Her Marriage To The Laird Of Kinleakie
11. Bonny Bunch Of Roses
12. Now Be Thankful (New Stereo Mix)
+ Format: CD
Price: £7.99

Fairport Convention - Heyday: BBC Sessions 1968-1969: Extended Artist Fairport Convention
Title Heyday: BBC Sessions 1968-1969: Extended
Label Island
1. Close The Door Lightly When You Go
2. I Don’t Know Where I Stand
3. Some Sweet Day
4. Reno, Nevada
5. Suzanne
6. If It Feels Good, You Know It Can’t Be Wrong
7. I Still Miss Someone
8. Bird On A Wire
9. Gone, Gone, Gone
10. Tried So Hard
11. Shattering Live Experience
12. Percy’s Song
+ Format: CD
Price: £6.99

Fairport Convention - Liege and Lief: Remastered Artist Fairport Convention
Title Liege and Lief: Remastered
Label Island
1. Come All Ye
2. Reynardine
3. Matty Groves
4. Farewell Farewell
5. Deserter
6. Medley: The Lark In The Morning / Rakish Paddy/Foxhunter’s Jig / Toss The Feathers
7. Tam Lin
8. Crazy Man Michael
Additional Recordings
9. Sir Patrick Spens (Previously Unreleased)
10. Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood (Previously Unreleased)
+ Format: CD
Price: £6.99

Fairport Convention - Rising for the Moon Remastered and Expanded Artist Fairport Convention
Title Rising for the Moon Remastered and Expanded
Label Island
+ Format: CD
Price: £6.99

Fairport Convention - Rosie Artist Fairport Convention
Title Rosie
Label Island
1. Rosie
2. Matthew, Mark, Luke & John
3. Knights Of The Road
4. Peggy’s Pub
5. The Plainsman
6. Hungarian Rhapsody
7. My Girl
8. Me With You
9. The Hens March Through The Midden & The Four Poster Bed
10. Furs And Feathers
Bonus Tracks: Recorded Live At The Howff (London) On 23rd April 1973
11. Matthew, Mark, Luke & John
12. The Hens March Through The Midden & The Four Poster Bed
13. Rosie
14. The Claw
15. Furs And Feathers
+ Format: CD
Price: £7.99

Fairport Convention - Sense of Occasion Artist Fairport Convention
Title Sense of Occasion
Label Matty Grooves
New album as the band reach their 40th anniversary.
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Fairport Convention - Unhalfbricking: Remastered Artist Fairport Convention
Title Unhalfbricking: Remastered
Label Island
1. Genesis Hall
2. Si Tu Dois Partir
3. Autopsy
4. A Sailor’s Life
5. Cajun Woman
6. Who Knows Where The Time Goes
7. Percy’s Song
8. Million Dollar Bash
Bonus Tracks
9. Dear Landlord
10. The Ballad Of Easy Rider
+ Format: CD
Price: £6.99

Fairport Convention Fairport Convention Remastered with Bonus Tracks Artist Fairport Convention
Title Fairport Convention Remastered with Bonus Tracks
Label Polydor
  1. Time Will Show The Wiser
  2. I Don’t Know Where I Stand
  3. If (Stomp)
  4. Decameron
  5. Jack O’ Diamonds
  6. Portfolio
  7. Chelsea Morning
  8. Sun Shade
  9. The Lobster
10. It’s Alright Ma, It’s Only Witchcraft
11. One Sure Thing
12. M.1 Breakdown

Bonus Tracks
 13. Suzanne
 14. If I Had A Ribbon Bow
 15. Morning Glory
 16. Reno, Nevada
+ Format: CD
Price: £6.99

Felice Brothers - Dancing On Firth Stret Artist Felice Brothers
Title Favorite Waitress
Label Dualtone
[2LP edition includes MP3]
+ Format: CD
Price: £11.99

+ Format: 2LP
Price: £24.99

Felice Brothers - Felice Brothers Artist Felice Brothers
Title Felice Brothers
Label Loose
+ Format: CD
Price: £8.99

Felice Brothers - Yonder Is The Clock Artist Felice Brothers
Title Yonder Is The Clock
Label Team Love
+ Format: CD
Price: £11.99

Felice Brothers, The - Life In The Dark Artist The Felice Brothers
Title Life In The Dark
Label Yep Roc
The Felice Brothers return with nine songs in their unique blend of folk, country, rock and soul. Uncut magazine has described the band as, "just glorious". Life in the Dark was recorded in the garage on a farm in upstate New York, with no distractions and no outside influences.
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

+ Format: LP
Price: £17.99

Fernhill - Ca’ Nôs Artist Fernhill
Title Ca Nôs
Label Beautiful Jo
+ Format: CD
Price: £12.99

Fernhill - Hynt Artist Fernhill
Title Hynt
Label Beautiful Jo
+ Format: CD
Price: £12.99

Fernhill - Llatai Artist Fernhill
Title Llatai
+ Format: CD
Price: £12.99

Fernhill - Na Pradle Artist Fernhill
Title Na Pradle
Label Beautiful Jo
+ Format: CD
Price: £10.99

Fernhill - Whilia Artist Fernhill
Title Whilia
Label Beautiful Jo
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