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Tav Falco & The Unapproachable Panther Burns - The Sunsets

Tav Falco & The Unapproachable Pantherburns - Conjurations Artist Tav Falco & The Unapproachable Panther Burns
Title Conjurations
Label Stag-o-lee
The Panther Burns are the last steam engine train left on the tracks that don’t do nothing but run and blow. ’The master of a raw and shambolic fusion of rockabilly, blues, and fractured noise, Tav Falco was, along with The Cramps, one of the earliest purveyors of what would come to be known as psychobilly, and he anticipated the fractured but hard-hitting blueswailing of The Gories and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion by close to a decade’. (All Music Guide). The new album, "Conjurations: Séance For Deranged Lovers" – just recorded in a secret studio in Saint Germain-des-Prés in Paris – is the definitive masterpiece of the Panther Burns. Refining the themes explored by the group over their career, the new record composed of all original songs, consummates Falco’s vision with a particularly poetic, yet turbulent thrust. His exceptional voice evokes the phenomenal fires of the Panther Burns and is supported by the rock solid line-up cast of players devoted to the band over the past decade: Giovana Pirrorno – drums: Grégoire Cat – guitar; Laurent Lanouzière, bass. Guests on the album include Bertrand Burgalat on harpsichord, and Olivier Manoury playing bandoneon.
+ Format: CD
Price: £11.99

The Sunsets - The Sun Wont Ever Set On TRock N Roll Artist The Sunsets
Title The Sun Won't Ever Set On Rock 'N' Roll
Label GG Music
Rockin’, rollin’ dancin’ stompin’ music from a band that started with a bunch of kids in 1958, and grew into one of the iconic backing bands of the 60s and 70s.
The line up delivers a range of 1950s and early 60s music, reflecting the sounds that changed popular music, ranging from Elvis, through Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and of course, Shakin’ Stevens.
+ Format: Calendar
Price: £9.99

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