Atmosphere - ATMOSPHERE

Atmosphere -  When Life Gives You A Lemon You Paint That Shit Gold Artist Atmosphere
Title When Life Gives You A Lemon You Paint That Shit Gold
Label Rhymesayers
New album from ace Minneapolis Hip-Hop duo.

LP version LTD 2LP (yellow vinyl)
+ Format: CD
Price: £11.99

+ Format: 2LP
Price: £14.99

Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly Artist Atmosphere
Title God Loves Ugly
Label Rhymesayers
REISSUE! After being out of print for a while, this now comes with a FREE BONUS DVD - its a good one too, that came our separately as Sad Clown Bad Dub 4.

LP version 2LP + DVD
+ Format: CD
Price: £10.99

+ Format: LP
Price: £14.99

Atmosphere - Southsiders Artist Atmosphere
Title Southsiders
Label Rhymesayers
17 years ago, hip-hop act Atmosphere transformed Minneapolis into something else entirely: a nexus from which underground rap spiralled-out to the masses. And thanks to the duo’s indefatigable touring habits, Top 20-charting albums, and their galvanizing artist-owned label Rhymesayers (MF Doom, Aesop Rock), they’re still pushing the boundaries of what indie rap can mean.

It’s with that overachieving-underdog spirit that MC Sean “Slug” Daley and producer Anthony “Ant” Davis have named Atmosphere’s eighth studio album Southsiders, a shout-out to their native neighbourhood. The album captures everything from a blazing, anthemic takedown in ‘Southsiders’ to the ebb-and-flow of loss in the sauntering ‘Arthur’s Song’ to emotional abandon in the rousing ‘Kanye West’.

[Metallic silver vinyl gatefold 2LP includes MP3]
+ Format: CD
Price: £11.99

+ Format: 2LP
Price: £24.99

Title The Family Sign
Label rhymesayers
The Family Sign is Atmosphere’s most personal and intimate album yet; it involves and engages the listener like never before. Slug’s signature voice weaves in and out of Ant’s ASR-born production, Nate Collis’ bluesy guitar riffs and the sound of Erick Anderson’s unmistakable keys giving The Family Sign a fresh, unique edge without sacrificing Atmosphere’s signature sound.
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

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