Oberman Knocks - Outhud

Oberman Knocks - 13th Smallest Artist Oberman Knocks
Title 13th Smallest
Label Aperture
Like Aphex Twin at the wrong speed, or a Phillip Glass symphony played in a scrap yard!
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Olan Mill - Pine Artist Olan Mill
Title Pine
Label Serein
Olan Mill is Alex Smalley and Svitlana Samoylenko and ’Pine’ marks the first release for the two as collaborators. The album comprises ten instrumental pieces and between Smalley and Samoylenko we are treated to the sound of the piano, violin, pipe organ and guitar. Other sound sources may reveal themselves to the astute listener, but for the most part, ’Pine’ is concerned with big, stirring sound palettes which belie the duo’s modest array of instruments.
10 track CD : see more info for full track list.
+ Format: CD
Price: £7.99

OMFO - Omnipresence Artist OMFO
Title Omnipresence
Label Essay

So welcome to electronic Walachia, where folk meets Kraftwerk and where bizarre instruments and electronic sounds combine to create a whole new musical dimension.With his ideas and his musicians he bravely goes where no human ear has dared to go before. Futurism meets folklore imaginaire: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are floating in Eastern European space.  His first album on the Essay Recordings label, Trans Balkan Express, put him in the international spotlight, and none other than Borat has chosen two tracks from the album Money Boney and Magic Mamaliga for the soundtrack of his latest film.

+ Format: CD
Price: £12.99

Oneohtrix Point Never - Age Of Artist Oneohtrix Point Never
Title Age Of
Label Warp
"Age Of" is Daniel Lopatin’s most cohesive and richly composed work to date, weaving a tapestry of disparate musical histories — early music, country and folk balladry, melodic pop, computer music and much, much more — that demonstrate both the complexity and range of the artist’s repertoire. With sounds that are unsettlingly familiar and uniquely his own, "Age Of" guides us through an unclassifiable new world.

N.B. We have a very limited amount of collectors cards to give away with Pre-Orders of this album!
Get the first card (blue) when you place a pre-order, the second (yellow) when you collect / it is dispatched and there will be more to follow (details tbc)!

+ Format: CD
Price: £10.99

+ Format: LP
Price: £19.99

Oneohtrix Point Never - Garden Of Delete Artist Oneohtrix Point Never
Title Garden Of Delete
Label Warp
Daniel Lopatin’s second album on Warp maintains the stunning production for which he has gained a reputation over the past few years, whilst at the same time exploring a whole new level of weird. Lopatin describes ‘Garden Of Delete’ as a “selfportrait.”

Musically the album contains a plethora of ideas spliced together seamlessly: great rushes of death metal and distorted R&B pop vocals, for example, all woven together with typically OPN broken chord synths and sleek sound design.

The album sees a continuation of the incredible cinematic sound for which composer / producer Daniel Lopatin has gained a reputation during his career. Oneohtrix Point Never’s consistently preeminent and original output is gradually taking him into the position of an elite electronic producer.
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

+ Format: 2LP
Price: £18.99

Oneohtrix Point Never - Good Time OST Artist Oneohtrix Point Never
Title Good Time OST
Label Warp
Oneohtrix Point Never returns with his new album Good Time Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on Warp Records.
Oneohtrix Point Never received the prestigious Cannes Soundtrack Award at this year’s 70th anniversary edition of the festival for his visceral original score for Good Time.
An original song by Oneohtrix Point Never composed for the closing theme of the film, “The Pure and the Damned” features a guest vocal and lyrics written by Iggy Pop. Iggy’s voice is rich with uncomparable weight and wisdom on this stunning closer. 

With the soundtrack to Good Time, Oneohtrix Point Never has created a genuine listening experience rivalling the very best of his landmark studio albums. It also holds some of his most striking and complete individual moments; in addition to “The Pure and the Damned” “Leaving The Park” takes the classic arpeggio-laced crime scores of the 1970s and lends it the unique Oneohtrix Point Never stranger-beauty. Throughout the soundtrack, diegetic audio is interspersed and mutated in a natural foundation of Garden of Delete meets Rifts -era Oneohtrix Point Never sound palettes.
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

+ Format: LP
Price: £19.99

Oneohtrix Point Never - R Plus Seven Artist Oneohtrix Point Never
Title R Plus Seven
Label Warp

2LP edition comes in Gatefold Sleeve

+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

+ Format: 2LP
Price: £17.99

Ono, Yoko - Yes, Im A Witch Artist Yoko Ono
Title Yes, Im A Witch
Label Parlophone
Remix project, where Yoko Ono gave loads of artists free reign with her tracks, including Peaches, The Flaming Lips and Le Tigre. Obviously Ono has a pretty well-kept address book... Most of the tracks are radically different from the originals, and well worth investigating.
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Orb - The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Utraworld (3CD Deluxe Edition) Artist Orb
Title The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Utraworld (3CD Deluxe Edition)
Label Island

3CD Deluxe Edition

CD 1 & 2 : the original album over 2 discs
CD 3 : The seminal John Peel session from 1989 AND 6 ultra rare remixes. 

See Reviews for full track listing. 

+ Format: CD
Price: £14.99

Orb, The - Moonbuilding 2703AD Artist The Orb
Title Moonbuilding 2703AD
Label Kompakt
Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann AKA veritable pioneers of electronic music The Orb return to Kompakt with the new full-length ‘Moonbuilding 2703 AD’ - a major piece of psychedelic synth bliss, obscure loops and deep ambient textures, driven by swinging breakbeats and powerful basslines.

2LP = 180g Double LP + Bonus CD
3LP = Limited Edition Deluxe Triple LP (inc. three bonus tracks) + Bonus CD

NB. The 3LP version is currently out of print but should be available again from mid. August 2015

+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

+ Format: 2LP
Price: £19.99

Orb, The - Orbsessions Vol. 1 Artist The Orb
Title Orbsessions Vol. 1
Label Malicious Damage
+ Format: CD
Price: £10.99

Orbital - Wonky Artist Orbital
Title Wonky
Label ACP

Pioneers of British dance music throughout the 90’s Orbital have released 8 studio albums to date and are poised to return to the fold in 2012 with a brand new studio album ‘Wonky’ released April 2nd 2012 globally via their own ACP recordings. Produced by renowned studio-maestro Flood, the record contains nine brand new recordings and features vocal duties by Zola Jesus and Lady Leshurr.

LTD CD includes 5 live tracks

LP includes standard cd version of the album.

+ Format: LTD CD
Price: £13.99

Orcop - Everything Has Ended Artist Orcop
Title Everything Has Ended
9 new tracks from Cardiff-based electronic genius Orcop. MPC squelches, full-on drums and good tunes.
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.00

Orcop Diablo and Drum Artist Orcop
Title Diablo and Drums
Label Machine Records
Machine Records of Cardiff’s debut release is this long-awaited 12 inch by Orcop.

"Old influences and comparisons, like ’Sheet One’-era Plastikman and Depth Charge, still apply here to an extent. Interestingly, and unwittingly, Orcop also finds his minimal acid sounds in vogue, thanks to Aphex Twin’s ’Analord’ series exploring similar territory. But Gwydion’ll still cheerfully drop some untraceable grungy FX into the mix at inopportune moments and for a minute there, you won’t know where you’re at.   "It’s sexy, it’s bouncy, you can dance or you can bliss out to it. Either way, it’s a fitting entry for Orcop and machine.records into the vinyl era. Here’s to further waxing."
+ Format: 12
Price: £4.79

Original Hamster - Trendsetter And The Followers Artist Original Hamster
Title Trendsetter And The Followers
Label Tigerbeat
+ Format: CD
Price: £10.49

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