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HUW M - Huw M

HUW M - Gathering Dust Artist HUW M
Title Gathering Dust [#DyddMiwsigCymru]
Label Gwymon
Huw M’s debut album was a real Spillers favourite featuring in our end of year round ups and selling well from the stereo in store to those whose ears were lucky enough to stumble across this gem.  Album number two is no different in its appeal with guest spots shared between Lucy Simmonds, Alun Bonello and Bethan Reynolds.
Once again Huw M has crafted an album we wont find hard to share with you!
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Huw M - Os Mewn Swn Artist Huw M
Title Os Mewn Swn [#DyddMiwsigCymru]
Label Rasal / SOR
A wonderfully weird mixture of original melodies, a few borrowed Welsh folk songs, mangled together with influences from France and Brazil, all conveyed in his Welsh mother tongue to create what’s been described as ’small pop’ of ’great, great loveliness’. The 1st two copies of this sold within minutes of us putting it on the player in here! What better recommendation do you need? We rate this very highly!
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Huw M - Utica Artist Huw M
Title Utica [#DyddMiwsigCymru]
Label I Ka Ching
Os Mewn Swn (translated as ‘If in Noise’) was Huw M’s first album, released in 2009 on the Gwymon label, and received glowing reviews including a 4-star write up in The Times newspaper. In 2012, his second album, Gathering Dusk, was shortlisted for the Welsh Music Prize. His latest offering Utica, released in November 2015 by I Ka Ching Records, blends early gospel with Welsh folk influences. Huw has also released a handful of singles and EPs over the years.

Utica yw trydydd albym Huw M, y cyntaf i gael ei ryddhau ar label I Ka Ching. Ar gyfer yr albym yma, mae Huw wedi bod yn cydweithio gyda nifer o gerddorion i blethu dylanwadau gospel cynnar gyda chanu gwerin Cymreig, gan ychwanegu llond llaw o ddwyster, hiraeth a thor calon. Hynod o hapus yn wir. Mae sengl ddwbl ‘I Wanted You To Cry / Swn y Galon Fach yn Torri’ yn cael ei rhyddhau ar 6 Tachwedd.
+ Format: CD
Price: £11.99

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