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Our standard opening hours are Monday - Satruday 10am - 6pm


Please note that this website is NOT stock controlled (ie if you see something on here it is not a guarantee of stock holding in store or on site.  If you are ordering online or using site before popping in we strongly advise that you either 

PHONE 029 20 224905  or 
EMAIL info@spillersrecords.com 

before completing.  Diolch, Spillers Records. 


Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm


Welcome to the Spillers Website!

We are currently unable to take two different addresses for one order. Our system requires your billing address (address that is registered with your card) to complete the order. If your delivery address is then different, please drop us an email with your name, order number and delivery address, and we will do out best to process your order asap.

Spillers Records - Who We Are

Spillers Records (us!) is the world’s oldest record shop, established in Cardiff in 1894 by Henry Spiller. We have contined to trade in music ever since from our premises in Cardiff. We specialise in independent music of most genres in both CD and vinyl, plus we have knowledgeable staff who will be happy to help you, either in the store or here at our website at www.spillersrecords.com. We like records, tea, instores and if you bring us biscuits from Wally’s deli (in the arcade next to us) we’ll like you a lot.
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