CLARE MAGUIRE Stranger Things Have Happened £8.99
MOULETTES Preternatural [Craft Pop] £9.99
THE POP GROUP The Boy Whose Head Exploded  [CD + DVD + Poster] £13.99
CATFISH AND THE BOTTLEMEN The Ride [Island] £10.99
MARK KOZELEK (Sun Kil Moon) Sings Favourites [Caldo Verde] £10.99
MALCOLM MIDDLETON Summer Of ’13 [Nude] £11.99
MY MORNING JACKET It Still Moves [Deluxe Reissue 2CD on ATO] £9.99
DEATH IN VEGAS Transmission [Drone] £10.99
THRICE To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere £9.99
BETH ORTON Kidsticks [ANTI] £11.99
KRISTIN KONTROL (Dee Dee Dum Dum Girls) X-Communicate [Sub Pop] £9.99
MAKU SOUNDSYSTEM Mezcla [Glitterbeat] £12.99
BAND OF SKULLS By Default £10.99
TONY JOE WHITE Rain Crow [Swamp] £10.99
HOLY FUCK Congrats [Innovative Leisure] £9.99
JOHN FOXX 21st Century: A Man, A Woman And A City [CD + DVD] £14.99
OYSTERBAND This House Will Stand: The Best Of Oysterband 1998 - 2015 [2CD on Navigator] £12.99
GOLD PANDA Good Luck & Do Your Best [City Slang] £10.99
REAL FRIENDS The Home Inside My Head [CD w/ 2 Bonus Tracks on Fearless] £9.99
SPECTRUM Live Chronicles Vol. 1 £9.99
SPECTRUM Live Chronicles Vol. 2 £9.99
THE LOWEST PAIR Uncertain As It Is Uneven [Team Love] £11.99
THE JELLY JAM Profit £11.99
BIG THIEF Masterpiece [Saddle Creek] £9.99
FROST Falling Satellites [Ltd. CD on Inside Out] £12.99
LACUNA COIL Delirium  [Ltd. Edition 3 Bonus Tracks on Century Media] £12.99
SAGA The Human Condition [Inside Out] £8.99
SIX FEET UNDER Graveyard Classics IV: The Number Of The Priest [Metal Blade] £11.99
HUGO RACE FATALISTS (Bad Seeds) 24 Hours To Nowhere [Glitterhouse] £12.99
ARCHITECTS All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us [Epitaph] £9.99
AMAZING BLONDEL Restoration [Talking Elephant] £10.99
DANIEL MEADE & The Flying Mules Let Me Off At The Bottom [At The Helm] £10.99
OUMOU SANGARE Moussolou [World Circuit] £11.99
SHEL Just Crazy Enough [Dave Stewart Entertainment] £10.99
THE THIRD SOUND Gospels Of Degeneration [Fuzz Club] £11.99
KLAUS SCHULZE + PETE NAMBOK The Dark Side Of The Moog Vol. 9 -11 [Ltd. 5CD] £24.99
KLAUS SCHULZE Dzi?ku?? Poland Live  ’83 [2CD] £15.99
PAUL MOSLEY & The Red Meat Orchestra The Butcher [Folkwit] £10.99
CIARAN LAVERY Let Bad In [Believe] £10.99
BILL EVANS Some Other Time: The Lost Sessions From The Black Forest [2CD] £17.99
JC FLOWERS Driving Excitement & The Pleasure Of Ownership £10.99
MEGSON Good Times Will Come Again £11.99
SUICIDAL ANGELS Division Of Blood [2CD on Noise Art] £15.99
VINNIE CARUANA Survivor’s Guilt [Big Scary Monsters] £9.99
IAMTHEMORNING  Lighthouse [K Scope] £10.99

V/A Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music [Numero] £15.99
V/A Space Echo: The Mystery Behind The Cosmic Sound Of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed [Analogue Africa] £12.99
V/A Wilko Johnson Presents: The First Time I Met The Blues, Essential Chess Masters [2CD on Chess] £5.99
V/A The Rough Guide To Gospel Blues £7.99
V/A The Rough Guide To Brazilian Jazz £7.99
V/A Mod Anthems Vol. 2 [3CD] £6.99
V/A Classic Rock ’N’ Roll [3CD on Rhino] £6.99


MOULETTES Preternatural [LP on Craft Pop] £17.99
CLARE MAGUIRE Stranger Things Have Happened [LP + MP3] £17.99
ERIC CLAPTON I Still Do [180g 2LP + MP3] £22.99
CATFISH & THE BOTTLEMEN The Ride [LP + MP3 on Island] £19.99
THE POP GROUP The Boys Whose Head Exploded – Live [Ltd. Picture Disc + MP3] £21.99
MALCOLM MIDDLETON Summer Of ’13 [LP + MP3 on Nude] £19.99
HOLY FUCK Congrats  [LP + MP3 on Innovative Leisure] £19.99
GOLD PANDA Good Luck And Do Your Best [LP + MP3 on City Slang] £15.99
BETH ORTON Kidsticks [180g LP + MP3 on ANTI] £18.99
BAND OF SKULLS By Default [LP + MP3] £18.99
THRICE  To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere [LP + MP3 on Vagrant] £15.99
MAKU SOUNDSYSTEM Mezcla [180g LP + MP3 on Glitterbeat] £19.99
DEATH IN VEGAS Transmission [180g 3LP +MP3 on Drone] £24.99
NIRVANA From The Banks Of The River Wishkah [180g LP + MP3] £24.99
MUDCRUTCH (Tom Petty Etc.) 2[180g LP + Ltd. Art Print] £19.99
TONY JOE WHITE Rain Crow [2LP + MP3 on Swamp] £21.99
KRISTIN KONTROL (Dee Dee Dum Dum Girls) X-Communicate [Coloured LP + MP3 on Sub Pop] £16.99
MOBY Animal Rights [180g LP on Mute] £17.99
BIG THIEF Masterpiece [LP + MP3 on Saddle Creek] £18.99
METALLICA Kill ’Em All [LP + MP3 on Blackened] £24.99
TALK TALK Laughing Stock [180g LP + MP3] £18.99
ASH KOOSHA | AKA | [Clear LP + MP3 on Ninja Tune] £13.99
DEVILDRIVER Trust No One [180g LP + MP3 on Napalm] £17.99
VINNIE CARUANA Survivor’s Guilt [LP + MP3 on Big Scary Monsters] £15.99
THE THIRD SOUND Gospel Of Degeneration  [Clear Green LP + MP3 on Fuzz Club] £16.99
ARCHITECTS All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us [180g Coloured LP + MP3 on Epitaph] £18.99
MARVIN GAYE What’s Going On [180g LP + MP3] £18.99
MARVIN GAYE Trouble Man O.S.T. [180g LP + MP3] £18.99
MARVIN GAYE In Our Lifetime [180g LP + MP3] £18.99
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Eldorado [180g LP] £18.99
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA A New World Record [180g LP] £18.99
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Out Of The Blue [180g 2LP] £19.99
LEONARD COHEN Songs Of Love And Hate [180g LP] £16.99
LEONARD COHEN Songs Of Leonard Cohen [180g LP] £16.99
LEONARD COHEN Songs From A Room [180g LP] £16.99

PET SHOP BOYS The Pop Kids EP [12" on X2] £6.99

GOAT I Sing In Silence [Ltd. Coloured 7" on Rocket] £8.99


MANIC STREET PREACHERS Everything Must Go [20th Anniversary Edition 2CD] £12.99
BOB DYLAN Fallen Angels £10.99
LITTLE MY Beeps [Ltd. CD on Bubble Wrap] £10.99
MARISSA NADLER Strangers [Bella Union] £9.99
ERIC CLAPTON I Still Do £11.99
BRUCE FOXTON Smash The Clock £11.99
GRIMES / D’EON Darkbloom £10.99
ADAM AND THE ANTS Kings Of The Wild Frontier [Deluxe 2CD] £13.99
RICHARD ASHCROFT These People £9.99
DAVID BOWIE ChangesOneBowie £12.99
MUDCRUTCH (Tom Petty Etc.) 2 £10.99
TANYA DONNELLY (Throwing Muses) Swan Song Series [3CD] £18.99
KATE JACKSON (Long Blondes) British Road Movies £9.99
VIVIEN GOLDMAN (PiL etc.) Resolutionary £12.99
PETER BAUMANN (Tangerine Dream) Machine Of Desire [Bureau B] £12.99
TIGER ARMY V..._ £9.99
EMILY BARKER & The Red Clay Halo Despite The Snow [CD w/ 3 Bonus Tracks] £9.99
THE HIGHWAYMEN The Very Best Of £10.99
THE HIGHWAYMEN Live [3CD + Blu-Ray] £39.99
THE HIGHWAYMEN Live [3CD + DVD] £38.99
MODERN BASEBALL Holy Ghost [Big Scary Monsters] £9.99
KYLE CRAFT Dolls Of Highland [Sub Pop] £9.99
J DILLA Jay Loves Japan £12.99
MAN MADE TV Broke My Brain £9.99
SKIP JAMES Cherry Ball Blues £12.99
THE PEACE Black Power [Now - Again] £11.99
SAUNA YOUTH Dreamlands £6.99
TERRY ALLEN Juarez [Paradise Of Bachelors] £12.99
BLACK RAINBOWS Stellar Prophecy [Heavy Psych Sounds] £11.99
THE DOWLING POOL One Hyde Park £8.99
HAVOC x THE ALCHEMIST The Silent Partner £11.99
ADULT JAZZ Earrings Off! [Triangle] £8.99
AFRICANS WITH MAINFRAMES (Heiroglyphic Being & Noleian Reissue)  K.M.T. [Ltd. CD on Soul Jazz] £12.99
COUNT OSSIE & THE RASTA FAMILY Man From The Higher Heights [Soul Jazz] £11.99
METHYL ETHEL On Inhuman Spectacle [4AD] £9.99
MUTUAL BENEFIT Skip A Sinking Stone [Transgressive] £9.99
GEMMA RAY The Exodus Suite [Bronze Rat] £9.99
KIZZY CRAWFORD Temporary Zone EP £5.99
BUFFALO SUMMER Second Sun £11.99
BLUE OCTOBER Home £11.99
ALBERT CASTIGLIA Big Dog [Ruf] £12.99
CHRISTOPHER THE CONQUERED I’m Giving Up On Rock & Roll £10.99
HIGHASAKITE  Camp Echo £10.99
KATATONIA The Fall Of Hearts [Ltd. CD + DVD] £13.99
LITTLE ANNIE Trace £10.99
LONELY THE BRAVE Things Will Make [Hassle] £10.99
PROTOJE Ancient Future £8.99
JOHN SURMAN Morning Glory £12.99
THE DANDELION SET A Thousand Strands: 1975 - 2015 [CD w/ 3 Bonus Tracks] £12.99
SATYRICON Nemesis Diuna [Remastered CD] £12.99
TERRY REID The Other Side Of The River [Future Days] £12.99
THE CLOGGZ Sawdust & Spangles £10.99
MIRA, UN LOBO! Heart Beats Slow [Tapete] £12.99

V/A Wake Up You! The Rise And Fall Of Nigerian Rock: Vol. 2 Rock In The Wake Of War [CD + Book on Now-Again] £16.99
V/A Boombox 1: Early Independent Hip-Hop, Electro & Disco Rap [3CD on Soul Jazz] £12.99
V/A Day Of The Dead (Grateful Dead Tribute curated by some of The National, Feat. pretty much everyone!) [5CD] £22.99
V/A The Midlands Roots Explosion: Volume Two £10.99


MANIC STREET PREACHERS Everything Must Go [20th Anniversary LP + 2CD + 2DVD + Book Box Set] £49.99
HELEN LOVE Smash Hits [Orange Splatter LP on Alcopop!] £14.99
LITTLE MY Beeps [Ltd. Brown LP + MP3 on Bubblewrap] £14.99
MANDY (Mel & Andy Fung) Universe [Ltd. Blue LP + MP3 on Bubblewrap] £14.99
RICHARD ASHCROFT (The Verve) These People [2LP + MP3] £19.99
BOB DYLAN Fallen Angels [LP + MP3] £18.99
DAVID BOWIE ChangesOneBowie [180g LP Black OR Clear] £15.99
ADAM AND THE ANTS Kings Of The Wild Frontier [Super Deluxe Gold LP + 2CD + DVD Box Set] £74.99
ADAM AND THE ANTS Kings Of The Wild Frontier [LP] £18.99
GRIMES / D’EON Darkbloom [Split LP + MP3] £18.99
ADULT JAZZ Earrings Off! [LP + MP3 on Triangle] £9.99
AFRICANS WITH MAINFRAMES (Heiroglyphic Being & Noleian Reissue) K.M.T. [Ltd. 2LP + MP3 on Soul Jazz] £18.99
SUZANNE CIANI Buchla Concerts 1975 [LP on Finders Keepers] £18.99
COUNT OSSIE & The Rasta Family Man From Higher Heights [LP + MP3 on Soul Jazz] £16.99
MUTUAL BENEFIT Skip A Sinking Stone [INDIES EXCLUSIVE Translucent Splatter LP + MP3 on Transgressive] £17.99
MARISSA NADLER Strangers [Ltd. 180g LP + MP3 on Bella Union] £17.99
GEMMA RAY The Exodus Suite [LP + 7" + MP3 on Bronze Rat] £20.99
PETER BAUMANN (Tangerine Dream) Machines Of Desire [LP + CD on Bureau B] £21.99
VIVIAN GOLDMAN (PiL etc.) Resolutionary  [LP] £16.99
BILLIE RAY MARTIN The Soul Tapes [LP] £15.99
OGOYA NENGO & The Dodo Women’s Group On Mande [LP + MP3] £16.99
TERRY ALLEN Juarez [Deluxe LP + MP3 + Book on Paradise Of Bachelors] £21.99
ASTRONAUTALIS Cut The Body Lose [Red LP + MP3] £16.99
BLACK RAINBOWS Stellar Prophecy [Clear / Green Splatter LP] £13.99
WILD BILLY CHILDISH & CTMF SQ1 [Turquoise LP on Damaged Goods] £11.99
KYLE CRAFT Dolls Of Highland [LP + MP3 on Sub Pop] £20.99
JESSY LANZA Oh No [LP + MP3 on Hyperdub] £11.99
THE PEACE Black Power [LP + MP3 on Now-Again] £24.99
BUFFALO SUMMER Second Sun [LP] £18.99
LONELY THE BRAVE Things Will Matter [LP + MP3 on Hassle] £18.99

V/A Wake Up You! The Rise & Fall Of Nigerian Rock: Vol. 2 [LP + MP3 + Book Set on Now-Again] £39.99

JOSEFIN ÖHRN + THE  LIBERATION / GNOOMES Repetitions [Ltd. 12" on Rocket] £11.99

DARREN HAYMAN / THE PAPERNUT CAMBRIDGE I’ve Been A Bad Bad Boy / Big Big Deal [Ltd. Purple 7" on Fortuna Pop!] £5.99

LATE ARRIVALS w/c 13/05/16

PRINCE HitNRun Phase 2 £11.99
KVELERTAK Nattesferd [RoadRunner] £10.99
NOTHING Tired Of Tomorrow [Relapse] £9.99
FOY VANCE The Wild Swan £10.99
JAMES BLAKE The Colour In Anything £11.99
DRAKE Views £11.99
GOO GOO DOLLS Boxes £9.99
ADAM GREEN Aladdin £9.99

KVELERTAK Nattesferd [Limited Blue & White 2LP on RoadRunner] £24.99
NOTHING Tired Of Tomorrow [LP on Relapse] £15.99
FOY VANCE The Wild Swan [LP + MP3] £19.99
ADAM GREEN Aladdin [LP + CD] £17.99
JULIANNA BARWICK Will [LP + MP3 on Dead Oceans] £15.99

NEW RELEASE CDs 13/05/16

YAK Alas Salvation £9.99
EAGULLS Ullages [Partisan] £9.99
GOLDIE LOOKIN’ CHAIN Pill Communication £9.99
TWIN PEAKS Down In Heaven [Communion] £10.99
MELT YOURSELF DOWN Last Evenings On Earth [Leaf] £9.99
MARK PRITCHARD Under The Sun [Warp] £9.99
OSCAR Cut And Paste [Wichita] £9.99
PRINCE  Hit N Run Phase Two
JESSY LANZA Oh No [Hyperdub] £11.99
GUIDED BY VOICES Please Be Honest £12.99
KID CONGO & The Pink Monkeybirds La Araña Es La Vida £12.99
HATEBREED The Concrete Confessional [Nuclear Blast] £9.99
CORINNE BAILEY RAE The Heart Speaks In Whispers [Deluxe Edition] £12.99
PIERCE THE VEIL Misadventures [Fearless / Spine Farm] £9.99
VEGA Who We Are [Frontiers] £10.99
KYGO Cloud Nine £10.99
ZOAX Zoax [Century Media] £9.99
AL SCORCH Circle Round The Signs [Blood Shot] £11.99
KARL BLAU Introducing [Bella Union] £9.99
GRAND MAGUS Sword Songs [Nuclear Blast] £9.99
ARBOR LABOUR UNION I Hear You [Sub Pop] £9.99
DEATH AND VANILLA Death And Vanilla EP [Fire] £10.99
DEATH AND VANILLA Death and Vanilla [Fire] £10.99
FIRE! ORCHESTRA Ritual [Rune Grammafon] £11.99
CANNONBALL ADDERLEY QUINTET The Price You Got To Pay To Be Free £14.99
AMERICAN HI-FI Acoustic £9.99
JOE DRISCOLL & SEKOU KOUYATE Monistic Theory £9.99
FAMILY ATLANTICA Cosmic Unity [Soundway] £9.99
FRUIT BATS Absolute Loser £9.99
ISLANDS Taste £10.99
NOVEMBRE Materia [Peaceville] £8.99
PORCUPINE TREE On The Sunday of Life... [K Scope] £8.99
MICHAEL SCHENKER’S Temple Of Rock On A Mission: Live In Madrid  [2CD] £14.99
MICHAEL SCHENKER’S Temple Of Rock On A Mission: Live In Madrid  [Ltd. 2CD + Blu-Ray Box] £29.99
DARRELL SCOTT Couchville Sessions £10.99
THOSE PRETTY WRONGS Those Pretty Wrongs [Ardent] £9.99
DEVILDRIVER Trust No One [Napalm] £12.99
JOHN DOE Westerner £11.99
THE MOVE Move [3CD on Esoteric] £16.99

V/A Curiosities From The San Francisco Underground  Vol.1: 1965-71 [3CD Set] £13.99
V/A The Beat Generation And The Angry Young Men [Deluxe CD] £8.99


YAK Alas Salvation [LP +MP3] £18.99
OSCAR Cut And Paste [Ltd. Neon Pink LP + MP3 on Wichita] £16.99
TWIN PEAKS Down In Heaven [LP on Communion] £18.99 
EAGULLS Ullages [Ltd. Coloured LP + MP3 on Partisan] £16.99
MARK PRITCHARD Under The Sun [2LP + MP3 + Poster on Warp] £21.99
THE DUKE SPIRIT Kin [LP + MP3] £16.99
MODERN BASEBALL Holy Ghost [LP + MP3] £15.99
KID CONGO & The Pink Monkeybirds La Araña Es La Vida [LP + MP3] £18.99
ULTIMATE PAINTING Live At Third Man Records [LP] £12.99
PIERCE THE VEIL Misadventures [Ltd. White LP on Fearless / Spine Farm] £14.99
RUFUS WAINWRIGHT Take All My Loves: 9 Shakespeare Sonnets [180g 2LP + MP3 on Deutsche Grammophon] £21.99
ZOAX Zoax [LP + CD on Century Media] £18.99
ARBOR LABOR UNION I Hear You [Coloured 2LP + MP3 on Sub Pop] £21.99
DEATH AND VANILLA Death And Vanilla [Ltd. Yellow LP + MP3 on Fire] £15.99
DEATH AND VANILLA Death And Vanilla EP [Ltd. Blue 12" + MP3 on Fire] £14.99
MYTHIC SUNSHIP Ouroboros [LP + MP3 on El Paraiso] £16.99
FIRE! ORCHESTRA Ritual [2LP + CD on Rune Grammafon] £16.99
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART Clear Spot [180g LP + MP3] £18.99
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART The Spotlight Kid [180g LP + MP3] £15.99
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART Lick My Decals Off, Baby [180g LP + MP3] £15.99
FLOWERING INFERNO Quantic Presents: A Life Worth Living [12" + MP3 on Tru Thoughts] £9.99
EZRA FURMAN The Year Of No Returning [LP + MP3] £17.99
SLY & ROBBIE Dub Sessions 1978 – 1985 [LP on Jamaican Recordings] £12.99
MELT YOURSELF DOWN Last Evenings On Earth [Ltd. LP + CD on Leaf] £14.99
SANTANA  Santana [180g LP on Sony Legacy] £18.99
SANTANA Abraxas [180g LP on Sony Legacy] £18.99

V/A Brown Acid: The Second Trip [LP] £18.99

BRYDE (Sarah, Paper Aeroplanes) EP1 [Coloured 10" + MP3 on Seahorse Music] £9.99

JACK WHITE & THE ELECTRIC MAYHEM (The Muppets) You Are The Sunshine Of My Life [7” on Third Man] £6.49
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE & PEACHES What You Want [Ltd. Clear 7"] £5.49
ALLEY CATS Nothing Means Nothing Anymore [7" on Munster] £6.49
AVENGERS We Are The One [7" on Munster] £6.49
THE DEADBEATS Kill The Hippies [7" on Munster] £6.49
THE WEIRDOS We Got The Neutron Bomb [7" On Munster] £6.49
X Adult Books [7" on Munster] £6.49


PAVEMENT Terror Twilight [180g LP + MP3 on Domino] £16.99
PAVEMENT Brighten The Corners [180g LP + MP3 on Domino] £16.99
ARCTIC MONKEYS Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys? [10" + MP3 on Domino] £8.99
THE FALL Your Future Our Clutter [180g 2LP + MP3 on Domino] £17.99
CLINIC Walking With Thee [180G LP + MP3 on Domino] £16.99
CLINIC Internal Wrangler [180g LP + MP3 on Domino] £16.99
FOUR TET There Is Love In You [180g 2LP + MP3 on Domino] £17.99

New Releases 03/06/2016 - 09/06/2016

A Moon Shaped Pool [17.6.16]

New Releases 27/05/2016 - 02/06/2016

Preternatural (27.5.16)

Anian [LP OUT NOW!]

Stranger Things Have Happened (27.5.16)
Clare Maguire

WhyAre You OK [10/06/16]
Band Of Horses