Right, here’s where you’ll find details of any upcoming instores in Spillers.



RECORD STORE DAY // SATURDAY 19th Apri // All day fun!

Along with all the usual terrific and limited releases Spillers will be chock-full with live music and DJs. 



11am : JUNIOR BILL & THE SCALLIES sound is a unique blend of Cardiffian Punky Reggae, Soul and Rock ‘n’ Roll. They also throw in a Portuguese, Berimbau-strumming MC known as L-Hyo, just for good measure.
1pm : WEDDING PRESENT will be performing live for us on RSD in celebration of their Welsh language 10" out on this day!  They will also be playing the Wales Goes Pop! weekender at The Gate, Roath on the same day.
3pm : SAMUEL FINCH We’ve known Sam as a customer since his birth and we always look forward to his annual Top 10 Albums.  Sam will be playing his flute for us this RSD.
3:30pm : PATRICK DUFF cut his teeth musically in 90’s alt-rock group Strangelove, Patrick Duff went on a hiatus from the music world before emerging as an intriguing artist and singer. His limited RSD 7" release (a split single with Craig John Davidson) will be available from us on this special day!
DJs will be spinning the decks all day in between acts with DJ RASCAL & David Malys among the RSD veterans making it another epic RSD celebration!

9BACH // MONDAY 12th MAY // 5:30pm

Their debut album 9Bach (2009) received many 4 star reviews in the UK press. With great anticipation and honor we host a release day instore for Tincian.
It is an album solidly rooted in the mountainous mining landscape of the band’s native north Wales - its hardness and beauty, its ever-changing moods, and the rugged perseverance and solidarity of the people who toil there. The album’s songs are all stories - some autobiographical, some others’ true tales, and some imaginary: songs of the slaving quarry men; of strong and stoic women; of lost children; of nature; of family, and of love.

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